Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Review: Getting our Move On

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that we were taking on a new home improvement at our house. After a wanting to do it for a while, we decided to refinish the hardwoods on our second floor. We've been wanting to redo our floors since this post about our tax refund from last year. After reflecting on that post, I think it is kind of interesting that we have now tackled two out of the three things on that list--the wrought iron fence and the floors. All that is left is the backyard, but hopefully that'll come soon. ;) I promise that I'll give you a full detailed post on the whole refinishing process (a process that I like to call "hardwood hell") but it'll have to wait since we aren't quite done and I want to give the whole process a full review...sorry! What a tease! In the meantime, I'll update you all on how we'd be living for the past few weeks.
Everything we couldn't pack, we had to move downstairs...

With us being exiled from the upstairs we set up camp in the living room with the aero mattress. After a couple days it was getting really uncomfortable. I apologize to any guests we have made sleep on it or any guests than may sleep on it in the future. I realize it sucks and we need to get a proper guest bed sometime soon...

Our clothes in suitcases and laundry hamper in the dining room. #hollalivinginsqualor
Despite all of the crap on the first floor, that didn't prevent us from doing stuff around the house. I spotted this mirror for under $30 at Homegoods. What a steal!
So of course I put Justin to working in hanging it since it's his most favorite thing to do. ;) 
I also thought I would be a good time to hang these wall sconces that we got for our wedding shower many years ago.
Voila! Again not properly styled, but deal with it. We got some cute candles to go with our sconces. I'll have to show you in a different post. :)
Justin replacing the ceiling fan light. The honey-do list never ends does it?
Random picture of Derby grinning ear to ear! #nobraces
We also helped our friends move into their new place. Will the couch fit?
The Sanchezes (Sancheeses? ;) taking a break!
All of us awaiting our reward for assisting in the move--Taylor Gourmet!
After moving, since we were in the neighborhood, we figured we might as well stop by Union Market. It has been open for about a year now and we hadn't checked it out yet.
One of the butchers was selling oxtail. I had never seen it in its whole form. Kinda weird but my mouth was still watering from the thought of kare kare (aka: Filipino oxtail stew in a peanut sauce)...
A shot of the inside. Definitely room for growth (I love me some Reading Terminal Market!) but still a good addition to the neighborhood and city!
I was in an ice cream kind of mood but a  cupcake from Curbside Cupcakes will suffice.

Our weekend was jam packed! That's a review of my busy weekend in a nutshell! Sorry for the lame-o conclusion...I figured I needed to say something in order to finish this old a$$ post!

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