Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Grow Grass the Brioni Way: Part III

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the last installment of our grass growing saga. In Part I, you learned that when we first bought our house, the grass had died and we had a terrible case of burrowing bees. 

In Part II, you saw our second attempt at trying to grow grass with turf builder that looked like dryer lint.

After two attempts and nearly three years later, we knew it was time to bite the bullet. We finally caved and got sod installed. It was a pretty straight forward process. We got a couple of bids and chose the one that we thought was the best qualified, with the best price. They installed the sod while we were at work, which was pretty convenient for our busy daily weekday schedule.

Here is Louie inspecting the job. 

"Looks okay to me, Mom!"

The boys staring back at me...

It's fun frenchie gif time! By the way, I still don't know how I did this...

A couple of weekends after we got the grass installed, Justin had to mow/trim the grass because the grass had grown so long.  He bought an old fashioned reel lawn mower off of, you guessed it, Craigslist.  I didn't realize that these types of mowers still exist.  With the size of our yard, and the complexity of the job, this type of mower was perfect.

Overall, I'm happy with the new grass on our little lawn, but I'm still hesitant that it will be able to grow properly.  We have a large maple tree in our tree box that covers our lawn with shade. Without proper sunlight, there might not be proper water drainage, resulting in dead grass...again!  Justin says that he plans on reseeding the grass in the fall, so hopefully that will patch up any bare spots that appear from now until the end of summer.

There you go. Our three part grass growing saga. For cost saving purposes, have you ever tried doing a home improvement project yourself, but in the end realized that you were better off just paying for the services?  Personally, I will always leans towards DIY, even if it ends in "failure" because the lessons you learn along the way are irreplaceable!  On the other hand, Justin would prefer to pay someone else, saving him the time and frustration.

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