Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All in the Details: Our Kentucky Derby Themed Wedding Day in Photos

I can't believe tomorrow will mark the third year of marriage for me and Justin. Man does time fly! In the past, I've shared with you our engagement shoot and our wedding planner's feature on our wedding day, but today I figured I'd pull some of my own favorite shots of our wedding. As many of you already know, our wedding was a Kentucky Derby themed and our vision was brought to life by The Knot-awarded Bellz and Whistlez team. I'll try not to do too much yapping and let the photos speak for themselves. ;)
Go Cats!

Roses were defnitely a big theme on this day.

Where's Emerald?

My bridesmaids donned fascinators for the post-ceremony shots

Custom made place cards...

Some shots of the head table...

An up close shot of the tall centerpieces full of brilliant red roses and pops of color.

The rose backdrop at our head table


Yup, we had a bluegrass band play at the cocktail hour.

Our low centerpieces consisted of mint julep cups in moss to give the feeling of the racetrack.

 Surrounded by more mint julep cups around the table.

The chandeliers in the ballroom definitely added to the elegant ambiance.


Guest were able to put their wedding cards in our bets box...

...while learning how to place the perfect bet at the same time, such as the "perfecta"

And the trifecta...

Our talented wedding planner custom made these Derby hats.

Does the white one in the right picture look familiar? It should because I just wore at the Kentucky Oaks a few months back :) I love how these hats made for a beautiful display, but were actually wearable, too!
One Southern tradition we had to do was a charm pull. All the single ladies had to pull a string coming out of the cake to reveal a fortune.

I heard some of them were kind of messed up--i.e.: your significant other will cheat on you or something along those lines (!!) but it of course it was all in good fun...

Our wedding cake was shaped like stacked hat boxes spilling with roses.

Halfway through the reception I changed into another dress and I of course had to get in on the fascinator action as well!

I love looking back on these photos and reminiscing about our very special wedding day. My mom always told me it's not about the wedding, but the marriage, but luckily in my case I was able to get both! :)

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