Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Review: Kennedy Center and Continued Anniversary Festivities

Can you believe I've been living in the DC Metro Area for almost 20 years and I've never been to the Kennedy Center? Oddly enough, I have run beneath it several times during races, such as the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, but never been in it.  I've even drove past it countless times while driving on Rock Creek Parkway.

A few months ago, tickets went on sale for the Book of Mormon, a musical written by the creators of South Park. It has won several Tony awards and I've heard such great things about it.  When I heard it was coming to the Kennedy Center, I knew I had to see it! After waiting in an online queue for two hours, we got our tickets and we were all set! I figured it would be a good belated anniversary gift to us! Although metro delays got us nervous for our 1:30pm showtime, our worries went away as soon as the show began. The show started off with such great energy we were excited to see what songs they would sing next.

Photo courtesy of Book of Mormon Broadway
During intermission, I walked around the Kennedy Center and snapped some shots of the beautiful interior.

A shot of Justin and I waiting for the complementary shuttle back to the metro. Why is it that over the years my eyes seem to be getting more and more chinky squinty? LOL...

The Book of Mormon was a great show, and if you were lucky enough to snag tickets to this musical while it's in town, you are in for a great treat! 

After the show, we grabbed some food at Woodward Table. We started off with some spicy mussels served with some crusty bread. The chorizo in the broth gave the mussels a kick!

Despite not eating red meat too often, Justin made a special exception and treated himself to a New York strip steak. 

I opted for the duck breast cooked to a perfect medium with skin that had the right balance of crispy and fatty. It was served atop spinach and parsnips (I think?). Mmm...

Despite having some drinks at the bar before our reservation, an appetizer, and an entree, I still wanted to try the dessert! Somehow, I was determined to try something sweet despite being stuffed.  Looking at the menu beforehand, I wanted to try the bread pudding.  Because my stomach was almost at max capacity, we opted for the homemade cheesecake with lemon curd.  It was a very flavorful option and not too heavy! It was the perfect finish to our meal!

On Sunday, we slept in and then ran errands around the neighborhood. We went to District Taco for lunch and tried to visit the Goodies custard and dessert truck that was parked at Eastern Market. 

Justin with his mouth full of taco goodness...

Unfortunately, they ran out of inventory, and as a consolation, the owner offered us some doughnuts.  Despite the disappointment of not getting to try the custard, the donuts were pretty good! I'll have to try it again next time when they have their frozen desserts in stock. 

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