Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Review: Our Komi Experience and other scenes from our July 4th Weekend

We had an enjoyable time at Komi celebrating our third anniversary. The servers were friendly, attentive, and not pretentious.  They added fun to our dining experience, which I appreciated because often times fine dining places can get a little too stiff. On a side note, I think the male servers got the better end of the fashion deal in their skinny slacks and button downs versus the females who wore dresses that were reminscent of "Little House on the Prairie".  Their dresses were cute nonetheless. :)

Anyways, they prohibit taking pictures, so I'll try to list the dishes that I can remember. The meal started off with small bites and working its way up to the main entree.
  • "fluffy pastry topped with roe" (sorry, I can't even remember the exact name)
  • crostini
  • raw fish and sea scallops
  • foie gras
  • chickpea ravioli
  • marscopone stuffed dates
  • berries and greek yogurt
  • suckling pig with homemade fluffy pita (they brought us more!)
  • greek doughnuts 
  • little chocolates
  • root beer lollipops
I can't remember what else... :(

  • Suckling pig main entree was divine (very flavorful and not too fatty!)
  • The raw fish dishes were not fishy tasting much to the delight of Justin
  • Wine pairing was phenomenal, tasty and really brought out the flavors of the food like a good pairing should. My favorites were the pinot gris, the Belgian beer (Justin and I actually finished our beer before the entree came and they filled it back up), and the dessert wine. By the end of the meal I was getting a good buzz on! Yes, I'm a lightweight. ;)
  • Lack of a beef dish (I know the menu changes daily, but one beef dish would have been much appreciated for my carniverous hubby!)
  • Desserts left something to be desired as they were pretty simple. I know that there is beauty in simplicity, but I would have appreciated a little more complexity. Perhaps something that looks like it came from a pastry chef?
Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable experience, a must-do for any DC foodie! I haven't been to many multi-course prix fixe places, but if I had to choose between the two I have experienced, I'd still say that Volt's Table 21 is the best! 

Komi was a great place to celebrate our third anniversary. At our first anniversary we dined at Bourbon Steak. For our second, we ate at Blue Duck Tavern. It seems we have a very bougie/fancy theme for our anniversary dinners so I can't wait to see where we'll eat next.

Here are some other scenes from our long holiday weekend...

A funny Frenchie billboard we saw in the metro...

In addition to our anniversary, it was Derby's second birthday, so we celebrated with a pizza party...

Dog treat pizza party that is...

Justin doing his best Frenchie impression with the pizza slices...although I don't think they were amused...

 I think they just wanted to dive right in!

We spent our 4th of July on our friend's rooftop. We waited with excitement to see how Jenn's patriotic cake would turn out...

Perfectly! Pinterest FTW!

Afterwards, we went to the Giant next door on the hunt for some chicken wings...doesn't this look like some stock photo? Caption?


So that's how we spent our anniversary/Derby's B-day/July 4th Weekend. It was crazy packed with a lot of fun!  The Brioni aren't resting just yet...we're doing something major renovation-wise at the Brioni household...stay tuned!

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